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Welcome to Bryan O'Ryan

Bryan O’Ryan is the public face of Vancouver songwriter/composer Bryan Fogelman.  Bryan received radio play across Canada for Crosby Staals & Nash, a rocking tribute to the "Great White North Boys".  Bryan's release "Jamie I'm Lost" has been signed by Tinderbox Music for potential placement in TV and Film and "Party Party in the USA" was chosen as a publishers pick at the 2016 Austin Songwriters Conference and previously was a producers pick at the TAXI Road Rally in LA. Bryan's collaboration with Vancouver Island composer Jack Boomer and Toronto vocalist Marc Devigne resulted in nine beautiful songs with a definite classical/pop cross-over vibe.

Crosby Staals & Nash

"...with Crosby, Staals and Nash, the Great White North will sure kick ass"

Party Party in the U.S.A.

"You can lean to the left, you can lean to the right, you're all invited to the..."

Jamie I'm Lost (Instrumental)

New Bryan O'Ryan Single April 2011 Release